Kee Cha-E-Nar Corporation

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Conserving & Protecting Yurok People & Culture

We are a non-profit organization that looks forward to a balanced world by helping each other to bring a better future for all children.


No amount is too small

Our community continues to stand steadfast in the face of a history of challenges in the hope of creating better future. Your donation can assist with: the implementation fothe MMIP Policy Fund, Contribute to the Yurok MMIP work and Group Healing Sessions, support the Klamath Book Nook, Support Yurok Veterans, assist with Men & Women’s Recovery Groups and be instrumental in the creating of a Yurok Tribal Court legal aid center.

Your valued donation can help so many people and create opportunities for them to thrive please assist by clicking the button below.

Yurok Tribal Court Director Jessica Carter being sworn into the California State Bar by Chief Judge Abby Abinanti.