Our Mission
  • Preserve forever the survival of our tribe and protect it from forces which may threaten its existence
  • Uphold and protect our tribal sovereignty which has existed from time immemorial and which remains undiminished
  • Reclaim the tribal land base within the Yurok Reservation and enlarge the Reservation boundaries to the maximum extent possible within the ancestral lands of our tribe and/or within any compensatory land area
  • Preserve and promote our culture, language, and religious beliefs and practices, and pass them on to our children, our grandchildren, and to their children and grandchildren on, forever
  • Provide for the health, education, economy, and social wellbeing of our members and future members
  • Restore, enhance, and manage the tribal fishery, tribal water rights, tribal forests, and all other natural resources
  • Insure peace, harmony, and protection of individual human rights among our members and among others who may come within the jurisdiction of our tribal government.