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December 2021

Dear Friends of the Yurok Tribal Court: You Can Help “Make it Right”

As the year comes to a close, it is an important time to reflect on the hardships and grieve the losses among our people this difficult year.

Yet, it is also time to celebrate what we have accomplished in our work toward justice and harmony. In Yurok Country and across the many Native homelands of our region, our shared efforts to regain healing have generated success that we are honored to share, including:

  • Jessica Carter, the Yurok Court CEO, having graduated from on line law school while working full-time at the Court, passed the California Bar on the first try and was admitted to practice!
  • The Court now has two Coming Home Houses, one for women and one for men coming home after jail/prison and/or treatment. This will allow their advocates—their “court family”—to help them reconnect with their family and village responsibilities.
  • The To’ Kee Skuy’ Soo Ney-wo-chek’ Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) Second Year Report was completed with data and family interviews. It is our intention to “find” the missing women, return them to their families so they can join their ancestors in a good way. This rejoining will help heal trauma and wounds that have replaced the disappeared.  Unfortunately, California still ranks 5th in the nation for MMIWs.
  • Multiple Narcan trainings given and kits distributed. We have trained 104 participants and distributed 183 kits.  Our goal is to greatly increase that number in 2022, hoping to reach a minimum of 1000 participants and 2000 kits distribution.

As we look toward 2022 and beyond, we are confident that our vision of justice along with traditional and new ways of supporting Yurok people can be an example of the revival of Native American communities and culture.

As the Chief Justice of the Yurok Court, I ask you to join us in our journey. Please consider helping us “Make it Right.” Investing in this work means that you can be part of a movement to recognize the wrongs committed, help us rebuild our justice systems, and support healing from cycles of trauma.

We need your help! We are developing major initiatives and need to supplement existing programs in the next year. Our goals are:

Major Initiatives:

  1. The Court intends to build out our To’ Kee Skuy’ Soo Ney-wo-chek’ Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) program by adding an investigator for cold cases; purchasing or contracting for ground penetrating radar; procuring drone surveys; and acquiring cadaver searching dogs. Additionally, we hope to add an attorney to work on protocols for missing persons, and preventive protocols for missing and trafficked individuals.
  2. The Court intends to begin construction on a regional treatment center for our Tribe and tribal people in the North as we expand our wellness programs.
  3. The Justice center physical plant is being expanded and the Court will need additional funding to furnish the new area, to increase the square footage as we currently have a working staff of 50 people as our hands-on service model requires smaller/intensive efforts.
  4. The Court intends to establish a prototype of a sustainable, wellness village that can be a model for our communities.

Program Support and Supplements:

  • Student needs including school/work supplies for those on our caseloads who benefit from these incentives.
  • The Court supports our staff’s continuation of their education. Financial resources for tuition, student loans, and book and other materials are vital for our foundation. Our staff is growing annually, and is currently anticipating the graduation of a law student, a junior college professional, and another set to enroll in junior college in the next term.
  • Additionally, the Court is increasingly recruiting professional tribal members and others who carry tremendous student loan debt and burden. Our staff recruitment would be significantly improved if we could offer student loan payback assistance.
  • The Court has established our non-profit Kee Char-E-Nar to manage these efforts, but currently management is through volunteers from the tribal workforce. We now require a professional manager to become the Executive Director and would seek to establish a salary/benefit package to attract such a person.
  • Meals, transportation expenses, and other costs for Court and Wellness program participants that promote accountability, community gathering, and mutual support.
  • Tribally themed books for the Book Nook—our resource library and store, which provides free reading materials for children.

We need your support to achieve our vision and fund our activities. A contribution at any amount will make a difference in the lives of our people. Please consider investing in this important work.

Donate by PayPal through our website at

Or send a check to Yurok Tribal Court via our non-profit Kee Char-E-Nar Corporation, 190 Klamath Blvd, Klamath, CA 95548.

Or designate a future payment by pledging an amount and a date most convenient for you. Email to with an amount and date and we can contact you later.

For more information about our work, visit the Yurok Tribal Court website at or email questions to


Judge Abby Abinanti

Chief Justice, Yurok Tribal Court

Donate at your pleasure. Donations to Kee Cha E Nar are tax deductible!!

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