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December 2022

To our dear friends,

Although we may find it hard to believe, 2023 is on the horizon!  We celebrate this past year while acknowledging the difficulties many in our community have faced.  Our people are resilient and prove so each year. 

We have accomplished much this year at Kee Cha-E-Nar and would like to share some highlights with you, as your support has made these events possible.

  • To’ Kee Skuy’ Soo Ney-wo-chek’ (I will see you again in a good way) hosted artist Claudia Bernardi to complete a community mural depicting the impact of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP) on each member.  The mural was unveiled on the date of our Year Three report on Human Trafficking Awareness Day. 
  • Our wellness programs continue to support both men and women on their journey to a balanced and healthy lifestyle, offering services and support from groups to housing assistance where needed.
  • The Klamath River Book Nook remains the closest bookstore in 50 miles  of Klamath.  It provides low cost or free books to local community members and children. 
  • Yurok Tribe hosted the first ever Northern California MMIP Policy Summit attended by tribal, local, state, and federal political leaders. 
  • Yurok Veterans were able to attend the dedication of the American Indian Veteran’s Memorial located at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC.

We remain committed to bringing these successes into the future, and for that we are again asking for your assistance.  Your support will assist Kee Cha-E-Nar to continue reaching its goals of rebuilding infrastructure, systems, and practices that reflect our culturally based responsibility values – the core value of our organization.  Below are some of the initiatives we hope to bring into the future:

  1. Implementation of the policy plan put into place to address the MMIP crisis. Your support of the MMIP Policy fund will go towards contractors and capacity building for us to build the education, communication, and policy advocacy campaigns needed to gain support for the policy plan amongst those in positions to assist.
  2. The Klamath Book Nook will continue to operate as the local community center for books and cultural knowledge.
  3. The Yurok Veteran Fund will continue to support activities and support for Yurok Veterans wherever they are located, a population that has long needed assistance and which the Yurok Tribal Court has recently been able to start providing support due to your prior donations.
  4. Assistance and support for recovery groups in the local tribal districts for both men and women.
  5. The Yurok Legal Access Center is beginning its transition to becoming a Tribal Court Legal Aid center as it has relocated to a private office and begins the process of hiring and training Yurok Bar Advocates to assist clients in the Yurok Tribal Court as they gain access to justice.

None of this hard work could be done without your support.  While volunteers often provide the on the ground effort – your support makes it possible for these programs to not only exist and survive but most importantly, to thrive.  Please consider investing in this important work.

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Judge Abby Abinanti
Chief Justice – Yurok Tribal Court

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