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Registration opens Friday, February 4, 2022!!

Yurok Ro-‘op’-es! is a health and wellness program hosted by Kee Cha E Nar and staffed with volunteers from the Yurok Tribal Court. The program will include monthly events (runs/walks/booths) and provide the necessary tools to track your health improvement for the duration of the program. The program allows for a total of 300 registrants: Adults: 200 and Youth: 100. Unfortunately this is all we have funding available to accommodate at this time.

Each registrant will promise to:

1. Promise to walk at least one mile per week for the duration of the program.
a. Walking does not need to be walked all in one single session.
2. Promise to attend a minimum of two (2) events per year.
3. Agree to program rules, including signing applicable waivers, and treat participants and staff with respect.
4. Use each opportunity as one to learn about better health practices.

The program will provide:

1. Monthly events to attend.
2. ONE pair of shoes per registrant. An e-gift card will be sent to each approved registrant to order their shoes directly and have their shoes shipped to their home.
3. A T-shirt, socks, and pedometer sent to your home (separately from the shoes).
4. Health related information and collaboration with local agencies to provide knowledge of better health practices.
5. Posts about who is gathering the most steps and miles, most improved

This program is possible due to a grant from Direct Relief – Fund for Health Equity.

The below waiver of liability is required for all registrants without exception.

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